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Welcome to leirdal.net. This is a site belonging to me, Jon Leirdal. You might find a lot of strange things on my pages, but mostly things about photography or about science, computers and technology. Enjoy your visist

This first page is mostly a placeholder and entrance to all my other sites. The site that gets the most updates is my blog.


Latest from my blog:

Texel nature
Here are some photos from my stay at Texel. We had fog one of the days, obviously the day I went down to the sea. Posted from Drøbak, Akershus, Norway.

Software Architecture Workshop 2014 – Texel, Netherlands
About 10 years ago a man called Jimmy Nilsson invited a group of people to an Open Spaces workshop in Malmö called Software Architecture Workshop. This workshop has been an annual event since and this years event took place on an island called Texel located in the Netherlands. This was the second time I participated, […]

Striped woods
You should expect to see this site revisited. I showed this image to some friends at Oslo Kamera Klubb a few weeks ago, and I got several tips for improving this photo. But I still liked the strict linearity of this image so I thought I should share it on this blog anyway. This photo […]

Latest from leirdal.com:

You gotta have three
I am starting off this site with three eagle photos.

Another eagle
Like this eagle, I am testing the water.

This site will change
Very shortly this site will change drastically. The old site was dedicated to Leirdal Snekkerverksted, but the owners of that company have retired, and since I am the owner of this domain I have chosen to take it in another direction. Soon you will see some galleries of my photography. Welcome back.