I know how they do it…

During the summer the streets of Oslo get filled up with performers trying to earn a buck or two. These two guys took it to the next level. I have seen several of these “stunts” done by single performers, and I guess most know how it is done, but this one made me smile.

Magic? Or not so magic?
Magic? Or not so magic?

Posted from Drøbak, Akershus, Norway.

Photography workshop time

It has been a while since I took my photography really serious, but this weekend I attended a photography workshop hosted by Erlend Mikael Sæverud.

I enjoyed it tremendously and got to try a lot of new things. Among else I tried to create a video slideshow with sound and music, and to take photos with feelings.

You be the judge if I managed to create some feelings. Here is the first one.

Deeper feelings

This is not an edit in Photoshop, but just seeing the right things through several layers of glass.

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