Our annual electronic Christmas card is ready. This year it was a bit of a rush job celebrating our activities through the year. So to all our friends and acquaintances Happy Holidays, or Merry Christmas – and a Happy New Year.

Happy Holidays

A very good friend om mine, Harald Wesenberg and I enjoyed a 5 day workshop at Inderøy earlier this autumn. Eddie Soloway together with NordPhotography, tried to teach us to photograph creative landscapes. Below you can see some of my attempts. We had fantastic weather and glorious autumn colours. Eddie […]

Eddie Soloway and NordPhotography workshops

My girlfriend and I have always wanted to experience Lofoten together. I managed to trick her into joining me on a Aurora photography workshop with LofotenTours. Two young photographers from Norway, Stian M. Klo and Arild Heitmann, have combined their forces and created a small company that arranges workshops and tours […]

Lofoten in the autumn

This year I have been to several photography workshops, but mostly nature and landscape workshops. The first one of the year was back in May when I visited Runde for the first time in my life. I attended a photography workshop by Øyvind Martinsen from Panama Photo Explorations. (He does have […]

Runde 2016

I am not the only one that like to take photos. I have a few friends with the same interests as well, and in September last year a few of us met up at Venabygd in order to satisfy our nerd genes. It was just the four of us and the […]

Nerd-out at Venabygd

Sunrise at Årungen
It’s christmas in Norway, and I am sitting inside and looking out on the rain. This holiday season we are visiting family up “north” and are currently at my parents place on the west coast of Norway,  Nordmøre the area is called. The wind is howling around the windows and we […]

It’s raining again

Happy Holidays - 2015
Every year I do my little environmentally friendly christmas greeting by sending a digital christmas card. I decided to go with something of a designer look this year. I wish you all a Happy Holiday Season. Or if you prefer, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Happy Holidays!

Apple TV4 Unboxing
Yesterday I got delivery of my new Apple TV4. This is my review of the device after three hours of use last night. The new apple TV is about the same basic size as version 3, but has become a little taller and reasonably heavier. On the back it has […]

My first Apple TV4 experiences

2 Dressed in black and white
This summer I have been attending a photography workshop by Erlend Mikael Sæverud and his wife Marianne Jørgensen called “Be the photographer you want to be”. It was a photography workshop combined with creative coaching that ran over 8 weeks this summer using among else a lot of Skype and online […]

My first exhibition

This summer I have done some photography projects and the result will be published on this blog in a not so distant future, until then – here are two macro photos I took today. We were lucky and had some sun and I was trying out some photo-techniques that did […]

Summer macro

I have been doing a lot of time-lapse videos this spring. You saw one earlier, but here are a few other ones.

Several time-lapse videos

Faceless in the city
Bilder Nordic with a token of assistance from Oslo Kamera Klubb arranged #OsloStreets (Instagram), a Street Photography workshop, this weekend. There were about 100-120 participants and two well known photographers doing the introductions and critiquing the photos during the workshop. Peter Dench (Instagram)Jeff Mermelstein (Facebook) In the end about 2000 […]

#OsloStreets workshop