#OsloStreets workshop

Bilder Nordic with a token of assistance from Oslo Kamera Klubb arranged #OsloStreets (Instagram), a Street Photography workshop, this weekend. There were about 100-120 participants and two well known photographers doing the introductions and critiquing the photos during the workshop.

Peter Dench (Instagram)
Jeff Mermelstein (Facebook)

In the end about 2000 photos were submitted by the participants and 92 was awarded “Editors Pick”. I was lucky and 4 of mine where approved by Jeff and Peter, who both did a fantastic job. They shared freely what attracted them to photos, and what they felt made a good Street Photo.

Our host Inge Helland from Bilder Nordic pointed out 3 core elements:

  • Eye
  • Mind
  • Heart

In addition to this Peter and Jeff looked for interesting photos, those that were different, humorous or special in some way. It was not enough to document the street, you needed to do it with a twist. I enjoyed it very much, and was quick to as some clarifying questions during the reviews.

I would like to say thank you to the organisers and I hop to see a repeat next year 🙂

Here are my 4 “Editors Pick”:

In the faceless dots series I had 4 other photos they also liked, but they selected only one picture from the lot.

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