Ants minding their flock of aphids 5
While playing around with my macro lens I spotted a flock of aphids being maintained by a few ants. They were milking their aphids and protected them from a few ladybugs that tried to get to them. PS: All these photos have been flipped 180 degrees. The aphids were on […]

Macro life

Candle macro - close
Canon has maybe the ultimate macro lens you can buy. It is called Canon MP-E65. It is a somewhat peculiar lens, but if you want magnification and don’t want to build it yourself, this is a lens to consider.  I recently managed to get hold of one and have played […]

A new lens

Icy grass
My blogging obviously needed a break after Christmas. Due to a lot of hard work in a project at work, and busy afternoons I managed to skip my blogging duties for two months. I still have taken some photos, but not many of those either. I thought you might want […]

Icy Norway