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Clean water is a science

Last Monday Oslo Kamera Klubb visited Oset renseanlegg in Oslo. Oslo Kommune wants to showcase some of their environmental issues and responses to the people of Oslo, and photography is a powerful way to do that.

Oset renseanlegg is situated next to the main drinking water reservoir in Oslo, and purifies about 90% of the tap water in Oslo. I had never considered it, but I found that clean water was a science. The water passes through several steps of cleaning. Among else the water passed through different filters (like sand), they added chemicals and metals to create salts, and all the way down to radiating the water with UV-lights, killing bacteria, virus and parasites.

Pipes and rails can be quite interesting motives, and these were inside caves.

Have a look.

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Raindrops keep falling

Raindrops on my umbrella

It has been quite mixed weather in Oslo today. It rained in the morning, then we had a few hours with beautiful sunshine. Then some thunder and lightning with heavy rain. And now the sun shines again. Kind of weird.
On my way to work I took a few pictures of my umbrella using my Canon G9 camera. I converted them to grayscale and then to duotone with a dark blue colour. There is another picture here.

Traveling again

It seems that I always am out traveling. Not really, but I just came back from a little winter holiday. Norwegians have a lot of vacation protected by law. I guess this is some of the benefits of living in one of the Scandinavian countries.

My last visit was to Gran Canaria, one of the Canary islands. One morning I woke up early and went for a walk on the beach outside our hotel. Not many people visible, but I saw some traces of life.

All these images are also available at my flickr account