This summer I have done some photography projects and the result will be published on this blog in a not so distant future, until then – here are two macro photos I took today. We were lucky and had some sun and I was trying out some photo-techniques that did […]

Summer macro

I have been doing a lot of time-lapse videos this spring. You saw one earlier, but here are a few other ones.

Several time-lapse videos

Faceless in the city
Bilder Nordic with a token of assistance from Oslo Kamera Klubb arranged #OsloStreets (Instagram), a Street Photography workshop, this weekend. There were about 100-120 participants and two well known photographers doing the introductions and critiquing the photos during the workshop. Peter Dench (Instagram)Jeff Mermelstein (Facebook) In the end about 2000 […]

#OsloStreets workshop

Oslo in November
I played around with a short timelapse video with my GoPro Hero4 this week. This video is captured by taking a photo every 2 seconds. This video shows 45 minutes of morning traffic in Oslo as viewed from the 24. floor of “Posthuset” (Norwegian) in Oslo.

GoPro Timelapse

Wednesday in red
This tower in Oslo, down by the railway station, is called “Trafikanten”. It is actually both a clock and an art-installation. The red stripes of light visible in the colour version of the photo below is grouped into groups. Each of the group describes a weekday. If it is a […]

An Autumn Wednesday

The royal castle in black and white
I have really done a lot of iPhonography this winter so I’ll continue to show some of my photos from high above.  

Oslo in black and white

Railway station
I have had quite a view for a while this winter from the 24th floor of “Posthuset”. The second tallest building in Norway. This is the view towards South-East looking down on the railway tracks.  

Railway tracked

Oslo an early october morning - colour version
You have seen the photos, with the tag: “This is taken with a mobile phone”. Usually followed with a few comments like: “Really”, “Wow”, “Amazing” or something like that. My reply to comments like that is to point out that an iPhone camera or almost any other mobile camera is […]

This is taken with an iPhone

Stairway to heaven
This is another photo from my travels as a consultant in Oslo. It has also been previously published on Instagram but I thought it might benefit from a different readership. If you happen to visit “Handelshøyskolen BI” in Nydalen you might find this staircase. I liked the shape and the light.

Stairway to heaven

I have been a lousy blog author for a few months. I do have a lot of photos on instagram though so I thought I should share some of them and tell what I done to those photos. First out is this little black and white from an area a […]

The big silence

This christmas holiday has flown past. I am almost too late to wish you a merry christmas at all, but I intend to do it anyway. Our cat almost accepted to be a photo model for this shoot. It only took me about 150 tries to get this photo of […]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Beautiful street art
As a consultant I happen sometimes to travel on behalf of clients, and this week I have been in Kiev, Ukraine. The country has been very present in the news lately, but I found it to be a very nice city. Always when I am somewhere I bring my camera, […]

A week in Kiev