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Welcome to leirdal.net. This is a site belonging to me, Jon Leirdal. You might find a lot of strange things on my pages, but mostly things about photography or about science, computers and technology. Enjoy your visist

This first page is mostly a placeholder and entrance to all my other sites. The site that gets the most updates is my blog.

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Memories, metaphors in landscape
In October this year I attended a workshop at Saga on Inderøy, Norway. It was partially remote learning and out photographing the landscape near Straumen. Elizabeth Greenberg together with NORDphotography lead us through 5 days of theory and assignments. It was a fantastic workshop, and I can really recommend both workshops from NORD photography and […]

Covid-19 Workshop
Earlier this year I was lucky enough to attend the first ever level 4 workshop from Morten Krogvold. There was just this one tiny little issue – in the middle of the workshop we were hit by a national Covid-19 lockdown in Norway. In cooperation with the local government and local health authorities we were […]

360 World View
People that know me, know that I tend to be quite curious and very happy when I can try new things or play with new technical stuff. This Christmas I bought a new GoPro Max 360 camera. Here are some of my shenanigans that have resulted from that.

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Want to buy a picture?
I actually do sometimes sell photos I have taken. If you are interested contact me at jon(at)leirdal.com (email slightly obfuscated). Here are some of my photos that might interest you. Prices will vary with size and paper-quality.

Hi, so nice of you to come visit my photography business site. Leirdal Photo is a small one-man business that I started in 2013. Friends of mine wanted to hire me for small photography assignments, and I wanted to do everything correctly. That is why I started a small company called Leirdal Photo based from […]

Water lillys
Most of my photos are available as prints. I print myself on high quality paper, anything up to A2 sizes. If you want anything larger than that I have to use a third party. Contact me for prizes and options.