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Welcome to leirdal.net. This is a site belonging to me, Jon Leirdal. You might find a lot of strange things on my pages, but mostly things about photography or about science, computers and technology. Enjoy your visist

This first page is mostly a placeholder and entrance to all my other sites. The site that gets the most updates is my blog.


Latest from my blog:

Oslo Masterclass Weekend
In august, Interfoto, Anne Lise Flavik, Bilder Nordic and Bjørn Opsahl hosted a workshop with a set of fantastic teachers. Julie Pike, Bjørn Opsahl, Greg Gorman and Morten Krogvold each held a presentation talk and all, except Morten, also taught some of their tricks shooting portrait photos. All the teachers had some different ways of […]

Meeting Jan Altern
In Norway we have this photographer, Morten Krogvold. He is a generous, passionate man that for decades has taught various photography workshops all over the world. I have attended several over the years, and this weekend I attended another one, his Oslo workshop. This workshop lasts only three days and an evening, but true to […]

Visiting the Atlantic Ocean Road and the Nordic Light Festival 2018
Most photographers in Norway have heard about the Nordic Light Festival in Kristiansund by now. This year had a great line-up of skilled photographers as usual. If you haven’t had the time for a visit, I highly recommend the trip. Especially if you are able to spend a few days up by the fjords. I […]

Latest from leirdal.com:

Hi, so nice of you to come visit my photography business site. Leirdal Photo is a small one-man business that I started in 2013. Friends of mine wanted to hire me for small photography assignments, and I wanted to do everything correctly. That is why I started a small company called Leirdal Photo based from […]

Eagle catch
I am starting off this site with three eagle photos.

Testing the water
Like this eagle, I am testing the water.