Oslo Kamera Klubb at Sagene

It seems that most of my photography lately has been performed on Mondays, but hopefully I can rectify this somewhat now. My vacation has finally started – 3 weeks of summer joy ahead (I hope).

Anyway last week Oslo Kamera Klubb visited an area in Oslo called Sagene. About 100 years ago this area was heavily industrialized and several of the small old houses in the area housed the workers needed. The area is quiet compared to more central parts of Oslo, and people from all nationalities live there. Next to the river where most of the work used to take place, there is small park. The grey-haired man in one of the photos sat looking out over the park and all the young people lounging in the grass during their summer vacation. Maybe I should have talked to him, to me the image radiates loneliness.

We had a beautiful norwegian summer day and I tried to take a few photos of the sun giving the few people walking around halos. The church – Sagene Kirke was reflected in a fountain across the street and I tried to capture that image as well.

I hope you have enjoyed a few images from (maybe) a less known part of Oslo.

Note: I admit that the image of the Romani woman is taken in Young’s square (Youngstorget) before the photo walk started.

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