The most useful Opera Unite services we need 2

Opera has released their new “revolutionary” Opera Unite. It is an interesting way of handling the sharing of services and information and probably also a quite natural extension of the browser as an platform. Now we just have to sit back and wait for some more exciting services in addition to those available in the beta release.

Here are some of the services I would like to see (Some of them might be available or not possible, I have not read the documentation fully yet):

  • WebDav – I would like to be able to upload and download files easily within my normal desktop tools.
  • HTTPS connections – I would like to be able to do this securely
  • A versioning system – A simple subversion implementation maybe?
  • Easy Backup – A way to create a backup of some of your files on a friends computer.
  • Easy Wiki/Blog/Portal – A simplified tool for creating a site in Opera Unite. Hopefully with RSS support (both out and in)
  • RSS Reader

What do you think, are there other tools you would like to see? Please leave your wishes in the comments.

Do you want to know more about how it works?

Check out these articles: – Slik fungerer Opera Unite (in Norwegian) – Opera flytter webserveren til nettleseren(in Norwegian) – An introduction to Opera Unite

Some are not that excited:
DagensIT – Operas viktigste nyskapning(in Norwegian)

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